Minecraft Mod Apk Download

This game size is 536 mb with a 4.6 star rating on the play store. Minecraft is paid on the play store for $6. But when you download this game from our website, you will get it for free. The download process of this game is straightforward. You can download this by following the process.

Night Vision Arrow

Night Vision arrow is an arrow when you shoot it in the darkness of night you can see the mobs. 

Leaping Arrow

This is a special arrow, with the help of you can Do high jumping for 11 seconds

Arrow Of Swiftness

When you apply this arrow on you, your speed will be increased with 40% extra for 11 Seconds.

Arrow Of Strength

This arrow will increase your attacking power with 2% extra for 11 seconds.

Frequently asked questions

  • How Do I Restore My Health?
    You can quickly restore your Health by eating food, apples, and sweet dishes like cakes and sweet Berries..
  • Is This Game Free and Safe?
    No, this game is paid on Play store, but If you download this from our website, You will get this for free.
  • How do I play multiplayer with other players?
    You have to join a server if you want to play with others. If you're playing single player mode, all you need is one person's game versus another player, which you can do by joining a server.
  • Is there a way to change my username in Minecraft?
    There isn't a specific way, but you could use any username that you like.

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